“T-Shirt, every man's favourite style piece!”

A versatile piece of clothing, men’s t shirts are a staple, which you will find in every man’s wardrobe. You can find a sporty and stylish range of tees and choose according to your requirement. Style it with your track pants for the gym and with a pair of denim for casual outings. Likewise, for that smart casual look try a tee with a shirt and enjoy a new look. You can create any ensemble with it semi-formal or smart casual just as you desire. A t-shirt can complement every kind of lower and you can wear it on any occasion during any season. Some people wear t-shirts because it's comfortable; some people wear it because it's their style. 

This wonderful piece of designing fabric has enabled us to create smart t-shirts in various color options, design and patterns. We have collectively designed a total collection of four brands in our line-up here with Ascolor, Anvil and Gildan. Want to see the patterns of these brands, click here and head to the website for more.


T-shirts have a rugged, sceptical history and maintains the comfort, accessibility and practicality that made them so popular in the first place. They can be stylish and suitable for more than just going to the beach or the gym.

The trick is simply knowing when wearing a t-shirt is appropriate and advised, a determination which can be made by the following factors:


Choose t-shirts rightly where to be worn and when to be worn.  Any semi-formal event or function, wearing a t-shirt and styling it with a nice smart blazer or over coat to give it a semi-formal look which looks great. T-shirts are best for sport activities and hang-outs. Can be worn appropriately with track-pants or even training shorts.

How active will you be?

When involved in a physical activity, you might want to go with more advanced fabrics that have a moisture wicking property. Cotton absorbs up to 27 times its own weight in moisture but when you keep on your body it might stick to your body making you uncomfortable, so when you workout, go with something more moisture wicking.

Depends on how old you are – choose t-shirts accordingly.

T-shirts are well suited for all age groups. It’s just important to style it with a pair of jeans or shorts. They can also be worn as an under t-shirt. Depending on your age at each stage you can wear one and style it accordingly.

Depending on your physique – Choose your t-shirt.    

T-shirts look good on everyone. But it stands out better on a person with a fit physique. If you feel you are overweight or thin it will either cling to your body or will be baggy. So before getting one it is necessary to carefully choose the right t-shirt with the right size of t-shirt. 


Do you want to make a good first impression? If yes, then choose from the wide range of T-shirts T-SHIRT WHOLESALERS has for you. Choose from a wide range of colours, designs, graphics from our famous brands like Ascolor, Anvil and Gildan.