About Us

Tshirt Wholesalers, in short, is all about providing blank tees at wholesale rates and custom printed tees at fair prices.

Tshirt Wholesalers is the newest brain child of PR Ventures Pty Ltd (ABN 21 125 924 021). PR Ventures has been a major player in the Australian Uniform and Promotional clothing and branding industry for a decade. By providing cost effective and excellent solutions for all Uniform needs, Workwear needs, Corporate and Promotional clothing needs, and branding solutions like Embroidery and Screen Printing, PR Ventures has become the pioneer service provider in these industries.

Tshirt Wholesalers has been launched with two intentions in mind. The first intent is to provide the Aussies with a platform to get hold of the best blank tees at wholesale prices. The second purpose is to make custom printed tees available to the Aussies at the fair prices. These intents are fulfilled by providing a range of high quality cotton apparels from some of world's leading brands like Gildan AS Colour at wholesale prices. And the best and high quality T-shirt customization services ensures that our customers are provided with everything under one roof.

Our Brands

  • AS Colour - This is a brand recognizable by a wide range of blank and customizable tees they produce. With fabrics made of high-quality combed cotton, coupled with fashion forward designs and innovative fabrics, AS Colour helps you stay stylish and comfortable all year round.
  • Gildan- A global brand that always ensures the styling and functionality of the apparel and the quality and comfort they provide you. With Gildan you can have products high in quality, and best in comfort, style and fit.

Why Us

Some things are always unique with some people, and no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to find it elsewhere. And here, what makes us unique are:

  • We understand the market - PR Ventures is a pioneer in Australian Uniform and Promotional clothing industry. With a decade of experience in catering to different verticals, we are the experts in the industry. This expertise helps us to quickly realise the changing pulse and provide you with everything that helps you stay ahead of the time.
  • We provide the best - Our market expertise have helped us to identify who brings out the best and who brings out the mediocre. Like you dislike having mediocre products, we dislike providing them to you, so we assure you that we only provide the best. Well, you can find them from the brand list that we proudly display.
  • We guarantee quality - Not only in the well renowned brand products that we provide you with, but our quality can also be evident from the customization services that we provide. With years of experience in customisation services, we provide quality services that we are proud about, and you will also be proud about always.
  • We are reasonable - We believe in fair prices and thus we provide for your needs at best possible rates. Never compromising in quality or anything, anywhere, we ensure that you receive the best, in the price you need only to pay. With us, as quality increases, the price doesn’t increase, but just stays the same always.