‘I didn’t know what to wear today so I wore a t- shirt!’

A t-shirt is a staple of every man’s closet. A t-shirt’s versatility and relative affordability makes them a great choice that can be worn countless ways for almost any situation. With all that said, if there existed any rules for wearing a t-shirt, then such rules for wearing t-shirts would rather be very simple.

Starting with the color options, basic colours like white, black, grey and navy and you shall be able to pair them with just about anything from jackets to knitwear to blazers to collared shirts. Once you have nailed that you can start playing around with prints, patterns, detailing and materials to really create your own personal look.

Here's how to look amazing in everyone's favourite piece of clothing, the T-shirt:


The shape of your top features the typically masculine silhouette of broad shoulders and narrow waist

Here are some rules for the perfect fitting t-shirt:

  • Shoulders – The t-shirt edge of your shoulders should fit perfectly
  • Sleeves – Fitted around the arms and not extending to your elbow. If you have big arms, look for slightly shorter sleeves or give the sleeves a couple of folds.
  • Length – Your top should be long enough for it to be tucked into your trousers, but not so long that it bunches at the waist. Ensure that it extends past your hip bone and covers the waistband of your pants.
  • Stomach region– Your top should sit to the curve of your body. A tapered cut that doesn’t drape your waistline is important.
  • Neck –The gap between your neck and t-shirt should be fair enough so that you are comfortable wearing it.

You should own at least a few of the basic colors – white, black, gray and navy.

  • White – Complements all fashion trends. The classic white t-shirt should be part of your wardrobe without fail.
  • Gray – A mixture of different shades – gray virtually enhances your body shape.
  • Black – Another versatile color option, black pairs well with most outfit combinations.
  • Navy – A better choice than black that is more suitable during the day and great for creating tonal looks when combined with jeans.
  • Other Colors – A t-shirt is probably the easiest way to experiment with colors. Greens, reds, purples, and blues are great for creating a pop of color you wish to create.

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Quality is not related to the weight of the top. In fact, with t-shirts, the lighter the material the better the quality. Cotton is the preferable choice as cotton blends are a good option!

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  •   Find out what the rest of the people at the event are going to be wearing. Feel free to dress in a t-shirt if all around you are going to be wearing one, but with a quality top.
  •   Concerts, the local bar, beaches and casual parties with close friends are all acceptable occasions to dress for comfort in a t-shirt.
  •   Want a casual look with your blazer, choose a nice round neck or v-neck t-shirts below your blazer. It creates a great impression.


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