The work wear in this pandemic has changed the conventional completely. For the past year working from home has been the call of the day. There has been a paradigm shift in the choice of clothes. Comfort over style is the new work wear wardrobe,

The wardrobe for both men and women is less stretched and more relaxed than being strict and perfect. Relaxing and comfort is the main call. You should dress up, but only a little is the call of the day! Tailored suits are out. Jeans, jumpsuits, sneakers and T-shirts are all acceptable and even encouraged today.

As long as the work is done from home employers won’t mind what you are wearing. Being cozy and comfortable is also good for your mental health as well. Considering the ladies too, dressing at home gives women more time to relax and use that energy for other tasks of the routine day.

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Each individual’s style sense plays a major part in choosing ones wardrobe. As this is the new normal. There is a huge variety to pick from and you mix and match with your relaxed bottom wear such as joggers or shorts.

A good t-shirt is the most versatile garment in your wardrobe. Choose a good fit and color and you can carry it off very well with chinos, jeans and almost anything. A fuss free garment which is always versatile.

Very comfortable as a tee, your polo t-shirts can be added to your work wear. It is casual and smart and more polished. Match it up with any relaxed fitted bottom wear because you do not have a formal conference to be present at now!


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