Why Tshirt Wholesalers

Have you found an online website that provides the best prices on bulk t-shirts as well as the best price on custom tees? Not really, as you would come across online stores that provide great deals on bulk buys but high prices on customisation, or with those sites that provide good prices on customs but not that good on bulks.

At Tshirts Wholesalers, we aim to bridge this gap, as, after all the main reason we started this website has been:

  1. To provide the best prices on blank clothing that includes Gents Tees, Ladies Tees, Gents Polos, Ladies Polos, Gents Singlets, Ladies Singlets, Mens Hoodies, Womens Hoodies, Unisex Tees, Unisex Singlets, Unisex Hoodies, Kids Tees and Kids Hoodies from renowned brands like Gildan, Anvil and AS Colour.
  2. To provide the best price on custom tees, be at 1 or 100.

Welcome dear customers to Tshirt Wholesalers.

So, who is Tshirt Wholesalers? Tshirt Wholesalers is the newest brain child of PR Ventures Pty. Ltd., a family owned and operated business now in in its 10th year of operation. PR Ventures has been providing the unifirms, workwear and apparel customisation services to the Australian businesses. Tshirt Wholesalers has been devised to be your favourite online destination for purchasing, designing and creating custom t-shirts and other apparels with your own art. Be it for any purpose, either for having it for your own, or as a part of your big dreams and visions, you can always make a style statement with Tshirt Wholesalers.

As part of customisation services we provide Embroidery, Screen Printand Direct-to-Garment printing services. By providing varied services, we make sure that even if it is bulk or small orders, or simple designs or complex ones, everything need can be met effectively with us.

For your promotional needs, you can customise your polos with your message or logo design with our screen printiing services.

Showcase your creativity to the world and make a lasting impression on all those who behold your creativity. Provided that you own the rights to the design, or that the design is your own creation, we can have it printed onto the tees of your choosing and help you make your custom printed t-shirts.

So, welcome once again to Tshirt Wholesalers, and get ready to stand out from the crowd with the high quality products and outstanding custom printing services provided by Tshirt Wholesalers.

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