Walk in Style with the Best AS Colour Shirt

AS Colour is a brand that helps others to express themselves and one of Australia’s best-loved brands. This only isn’t what sets this brand a few classes apart, but its popularity is also due to the quality of the products that it provides its customers with.

AS Colour is all about designing and developing high-quality basics. The brand was launched with the vision to provide the very best to each and every one of its customers. The idea behind launching AS Colour was formed when its founders found out that the tees that Aussies could purchase till then lacked in many departments.

AS Colour is a brand that believes in taking their time when it comes to every product that they make. They are not a brand that simply goes on manufacturing garments, but only those that they feel would stand the test of time. They believe in 3 principles, which are “Quality is key”, “Respect the details” and “Keep it simple”.

AS Colour manufactures a whole lot of garments and one among them is shirts. Shirts have been one of the main garments that have been used by men even centuries ago, though the purpose differed a lot. In the earlier days, it was commonly used as an undergarment and men weren’t allowed to wear it alone, that is, without any other garment on top.

Shirts came to be used in the way it is used today only by the 20th century. Shirts cater to a wide variety of purposes. For the man to wear at his workplace, there are formal shirts; for the easy going and playful guys, there are casual shirts; for hard work, there are the work shirts and so on. Well, whatever purpose they are intended for, they would provide the best in class comfort and adequate protection to the wearers.

Shirts provides a man with the best style as it easily fits his body and lets him walk with an air of confidence and authority. This is particularly true with the AS COLOUR BLUE DENIM SHIRT - 5409. Let us look at the features of this shirt:

This is a shirt designed to provide the wearer with the best comfort. It is made of 100% cotton fabric that is in the mid-weight category and weighs 160 gsm. The shirt comes in a regular fit style that ensures greater comfort to the wearers.

This is a long sleeve button up shirt suited for semi-formal and casual purposes. The button-down collar can help in keeping the collar in place and in shape. The shirt has a chest pocket that is spacious enough for accommodating your necessities. The clear buttons can provide the shirt with a unique style overall.

The adjustable cuffs sported by the shirt can ensure the fit and keep you comfortable at all times. The shirt is also side seamed that adds more to the comfort. The back yoke of the shirt can contribute to the overall look of the shirt and its fit. To make the shirt appear stylish at all times, the fabric has been preshrunk to minimise shrinkage.

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