A full-sleeved well-fitted shirt with a button-up collar is the most basic and important apparel in a man’s wardrobe. A ‘perfect shirt’ is one that fits perfectly and makes you feel in control of yourself. You need to keep in mind many tiny details right from collar to hem, cuffs, etc.

 However, you can find your perfect pick at economical retail outlets as well as at high-end designer boutiques.

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There are some important points that make your shirt unique. So have a look at it, so that you are better prepared when buying the next shirt for your wardrobe:

Fit and style

Many people buy their shirts in small, medium, large or extra-large sizes. Ignoring the fit. This ends in having your shirt too tight or baggy. You should always choose a shirt that fits your body well. Regular, tapered and slim are the basic fits.


Two fingers should be allowed to slide in between your collar and neck and this is the secret of a well fitted collar. It will be uncomfortable if it’s too tight. There are several collar styles, the semi-spread collars work with both formal and casual attire and are perfect .

Shirt cuffs

Sleeves should be well-fitted and the sleeve cuffs should end where your wrists do. If it droops too long then it would look as if you are wearing your father’s shirt. The cuff determines the fit of the sleeves and armholes allow free movement without looking puffy.

The right fabric        

Always choose the fabric depending on the style and occasion. Shirt fabrics come in a variety of weaves like cotton, poplin, broadcloth, oxford cloth, linen, silk, poly blend and many more. Generally they should be wrinkle free and lightweight.

Shirt design patterns

There are different styles and patterns available. Solid, stripes, plaid shirt and the list goes endless.


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