There are many wardrobe essentials that every person needs to complete their closet, but perhaps none as common and widespread as the white T-shirt.

From starting its journey as an undergarment to a mass-produced fashion accessory in almost every wardrobe the white t-shirt has become a popular product in the 21st century.

The white t-shirt has emerged across cultures, classes, styles and identities as a very classic, unisex wardrobe garment.

The fun factor!

One of the most perennially stylish items in a wardrobe, we look at how the humble white t-shirt became and has remained, such an important piece of clothing in every person’s wardrobe today.

As the fashion industry attempts to manoeuvre itself into a more sustainable place, there have never been more reasons to invest in classic capsule piece – those which you are able to wear season after season, styled in a myriad of ways and this is where the white t-shirt comes into picture.

How one imagines a white t-shirt as!

The white T-shirt takes on many forms, but in general, the image that comes to mind is the short sleeved top with a round neck—its seamless shape is reminiscent of the letter  "T," which is where it gets its name. Though these days white tees come in all sorts of cuts and silhouettes, its purest form features no frills, no collar, no pockets, no buttons and of course, in a casual cotton fabric.

No wonder, then, that along with jeans, the classic white tee remains a key element of the quintessential casual-cool uniform: Its very plainness, after all, leaves room for self-invention.


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