In today’s generation, a t-shirt has become part of everyone’s wardrobe. T-shirts have become trendier with the every changing design called t-shirt printing.

Though it is very handy in recent times, you will be surprised to know that t-shirt printing has an amazing history.

The brief history of t-shirts – how it all started?

The t-shirt industry has grown so much from the past few years, from an inner garment worn amongst the military personals to a fashion statement, this is so much the t-shirt has grown as apparel.

Moving on, from the world war scenes, times changes, people started accepting t-shirts to be an apparel style that could be used even for normal use. Public, started accepting it as a form of clothing that can be worn even as a topwear and not only like an inner garment.

People found it very cosy to wear anywhere. This set of mind has never gone since then. Even today t-shirts are used as fashionable attire for outings, business casuals, etc. Different companies and organizations are using t-shirt printing to promote their organizations.

The beginning of t-shirt printing…

During earlier times, people were using stencils for t-shirt printing. After the evolution of t-shirt printing, people have started using printers for printing.

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All about Screen Printing

Screen printing and t-shirt printing was used for marketing strategies. In the beginning, t-shirt printing was used for advertisement but after a certain period, some people introduced t-shirts as an art form – a form more creative, more viral and more about how today’s generation thinks about.

What kick-started the t-shirt evolution worldwide?

The industrial revolution finally brought modernization to the t-shirt printing techniques. Process evolved, more technology was induced into the already advancing techniques. Technology made t-shirt printing faster, easier and a more advanced business process than it was earlier.

Mass production came into effect. This was needed to cater the requirements that were created in the market by the public. It certainly brought up various ways that can help to produce t-shirts in a massive amount. The quality and consistency of t-shirt printing have also improved due to this industrial revolution.

Personalizing t-shirt printing

The concept of personal expression had a far more outreach than ever before. Brands popularized themselves by promoting and associating themselves with celebrities. Seeing the big personalities printed t-shirt fashion spread very fast, everyone trying to copy fashion trends.

Today, various companies have started printing their personalised t-shirts, which hold the logo and other keywords about their company. This change introduced the new era of t-shirt printing.

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Revolution in T-shirt Printing

Today, the personalised expression is everything!

Anyone can ask for their personal touch on their t-shirts according to their needs. This evolution brought the whole new ideas, which are useful in many perspectives for different people. Some use it regarding advertisement, and some use it regarding personal expression.

T-shirt printing has introduced itself as an interesting form in the genre of art. I am sure that the whole story about the evolution of t-shirt printing is way more surprising than we can imagine.


T-shirts have become more than just a garment today. Hope this blog has actually changed the idea of thinking how one simple clothing style has revolutionized and changed its status in the fashion industry.

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