A fabric shirt named after the T shape of its body and sleeves. Having a design with short sleeves and a round neckline, it is suitable for both men and women alike. More to this factor, these clothing’s are made of cotton textile or jersey knit.

After all, Clothes make the person stand out.Today, graphic tees are everywhere, from the vintage kind to mass-produced tees from brands worldwide. Tees with printed matter and designs, it is right there, across your chest, making a first impression to anyone who takes a glance.Today, many designer brands have recognized the value of self-expression to the consumer, and incorporated that into their strategy of producing graphic tees. 

Printing, or the process of reproducing text and images, has a long history behind it. T-shirts come in different styles, colors, and sizes, to suit the unique tastes of global citizens. Used by veterans a long time ago, today they have a fashion statement which can be seen in everyone’s wardrobe.

T-shirts were first introduced in the United States sometime around the time of the Spanish World War given to members of the Navy as undergarments.

Did you know! The first form of t-shirt was from New York.

The first garment for the public! After t-shirts started gaining popularity, textile company P.H. Hanes Knitting released their own version of the garment in 1902.In 1938, Sears launched their own version of the early t-shirt which they called a gob shirt.


t-shirt were gaining in popularity, and Hollywood saw potential with this emerging garment. T-shirts became even more popular with the public with actors and celebrities.

Then, t-shirt as a promotional medium for publicity and promotions among starts. You have a lot of stars pulling on a t-shirt to promote what they want and intent to using it as a medium of popularity and publicity campaigns.


customized t-shirts were on the rise in the period 1970 – 1980. T-shirt printing was becoming a booming growth and seeing a lot of development. The idea of customisation was coming into picture.


The amount of designs with the use of technology has scaled a lot in these recent years. The t-shirt printing business has become a whole new game. People have accepted this culture with open arms and this is what the future of t-shirts looks like! There is no stopping of creativity and ideas in the market. Every company wants a share of this piece of cake and we do not regret it, after all competition is healthy for business growth.

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