From its origins as men's undershirt to its complex role in modern fashion, the T-shirt is today one of the most universally worn items of clothing.

Today we explain you the importance of what type of t-shirt looks good for a wide variety of situations

Below, you’ll find their recommendations for the best tee for a wide variety of situations and people.

The basic vintage tee

The shirts are generous in the shoulders, flattering in the chest, and the perfect length to wear both tucked or not. It’s also a comfortable, classic slim undershirt that will last you a couple of years.

The vintage cut

Styled with different options, a design chosen countless times. This type of a tee goes well usually with some rugged chinos, under a bomber jacket or even a casual blazer for business. The look just never gets old when it comes to a vintage tee.

The splurge tee

The sleeves are a little short, so make sure you have the shoulders for them!

Splurge t-shirts are all super soft and comfortable, and we can promise they're worth that splurge. When you want to class up your jeans, throw on one of these designs and hit the road.

The Minimalist Tee

They are an iconic masterpiece with clean lines and a classic crew neck, available for men in the very classic shades of black and white.

The Street Style Tee

Replenish your wardrobe every season with these options with a few different colors, they are easy to handle and a man must always have as an essentials. Wear it as a slouchy statement or under something in a more subtle color.

The Fashionisto Tee

We think every guy should have at least one long-sleeve T-shirt in his wardrobe. This elegant, versatile design is one of hot favourite in the market.

Choose it to wear with denims or fashionable chinos.

The Traveller Tee

The clean cotton crew neck design. They’re perfectly worn just alone or under a jacket and because of the superlight weight nature of the cotton. These are snug, great for a guy who works out and wants to look fashionable.

The Logo Tee

It is a go-to weekend tee. Choose to wear it with pretty much anything casual: jeans, khakis, etc. Choose a long-sleeved t-shirt because it’s a nice counterpoint to a great look that can be carried off.

The Loose Tee

The perfect fit on these tees, combined with the subtle logo or some design artwork, mixed with the super soft fabric, make this a wonderful choice you must keep a lookout for. Wonderful choice to wear, simple and stylish


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