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Custom tees are becoming a major trend in the present times. Printing on tees have been around for over half a century. As tees can be easily manufactured and used, they are considered as the best medium for promotional activities. This led to printing on tees, which now have become an almost indispensable thing.

Tees now mostly come as blank, basic apparels, while others would come with prints on them. Blank apparels provides others with a chance to customise the tee in the way they want and in their favourite design. This can provide them with a distinctive edge and styling that would help them stand a class apart. Custom tees would mostly include witty proverbs, film quotes, abstract designs and many more.

One type of custom tees, which can also be considered as the most popular, is the love custom tees. Well, love quotes are what people love the most. These hearty messages, short, yet powerful, would help others feel loved and make their day. Love custom tees can also be an awesome gift for your partner, to show how much you love your partner.

The best tees can only be bought at the best place, and Tshirt Wholesalers can be called as the best place. Tshirt Wholesalers is a rather new online store, but that doesn’t mean that we are inexperienced about the industry. We are a part of PR Ventures, an Australian company that has been providing Australian individuals and organizations with quality clothing solutions. PR Ventures is not only into providing uniforms, casuals, workwear and other such apparels, but also in providing exciting customisation solutions too.

Tshirt Wholesalers is set up with the intent to provide quality tees to all Aussies at the best wholesale prices. We also have another intent, and it is to provide customised tees at the best prices so that the people can have the freedom to express themselves and their individuality. This has made us to list quite a few collection of Custom Tees that you can purchase at wholesale prices. Custom Tees include Ladies Custom Tees and Mens Custom Tees.

The Love Ladies Custom Tees that are available for purchase are the Feels Ladies Tee, You Intoxicate Me Ladies Tee and the You Matter Ladies Tee. These tees are available for purchase at $25 each. The Love Mens Custom Tees that you can purchase are Feels Mens Tee, You Intoxicate Me Mens Tee and the You Matter Mens Tee. These tees can be purchased for $25 each from Tshirt Wholesalers.

At Tshirt Wholesalers, we also provide Screen Print Services that can help customise your tee with your own design. Our Screen Print services consists of 1 Colour Print and 2 Colour Print. The screen print of your design can be done on the Front side of your tee in pocket size, while on the back side, it can be done in A4 size. Our 1 Colour Print can be availed for an affordable rate of $4.95, while for 2 Colour Print, it is $7.70.

We have a low minimum of 15 items for our Screen Print services, and a pricing structure that helps you save more as you order more. A one time setup fee is also applicable for first time users. With us, you can get a cost effective and awesome means of product customization.

Purchase quality Love Ladies Custom Tees and the Love Mens Custom Tees at the best affordable rates fromTshirt Wholesalers. Visit our online store now.

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