Ladies singlets now available at Tshirt wholesalers

Just imagine that you are engaged in sports and that you are wearing a tee or a polo that covers your whole torso. Well, after some time, you could feel uncomfortable in your shirt and your performance in the game may also dip. So, what garment would possibly cater to this need?

There is no other garment that would function better for this purpose than singlets. The singlet is a one-piece collarless garment that is designed to serve a variety of purposes. Singlets can be the perfect garment to be worn on that warm and sunny day, where you need that extra bit of comfort of a loose-fitting and easy garment.

Or on those cool days, wear them under your shirt to get that extra warmth and be comfortable. Well, whatever it is used for, singlets are designed to provide great comfort.

Singlets are sleeveless jerseys that are most commonly worn by athletes while taking part in sports and games. Open, and breathable, they facilitate airflow to the body and help in keeping the body of the athlete cool.

Though singlets would feel to be soft and light on touch and feel, they are one of the most durable products that are available in the industry, because they are designed to withstand much stress and strain of the physical activities.

Manufactured from 100% cotton material will ensure the comfort of the fabric and they also help in keeping the wearer cool. Innovative features like quick moisture-wicking, quick-dry, and several others, help the product to wick moisture fast from the body and dry it even faster so that the wearer can feel dry, fresh and comfortable at all times.

Singlets have become one of the most popular clothing in Australia, among the athletes and the just any lady, as they would cater to casual purposes and are super comfortable.

You can pair it with a skirt, jeans, shorts and any pant! This versatile garment is a must in every women’s wardrobe. You can sport it while going out to visit your friends or just wear it alone as a nightwear nothing can match the comfort of singlet!

Well, with its popularity increasing by the moment, where can you purchase the best singlets in Australia?

Many places are available, but at these many places, you would have to compromise either on quality or on pricing.

To bring a change to this situation, PR Ventures, an Australian company engaged in providing uniform, branding and promotional solutions across Australia, and other parts of the world with successful stores like budget safety wear, budget workwear etc has now setup Tshirt Wholesalers. Tshirt Wholesalers is setup with the intent to provide Aussies with the best blank tees, singlets and other apparels at a wholesale price.

At Tshirt Wholesalers, you can find a range of high-quality women’s Singlets from some of the major brands in Australia. The brands that we provide at Tshirt Wholesalers, in this category are AS Colour, Hanes and Gildan.

From AS Colour brand, you can purchase the AS COLOUR BARNARD TANK TEE and the AS COLOUR LOWDOWN SINGLET. From Gildan, you can purchase the GILDAN ADULT MUSCLE SHIRT and the GILDAN ADULT TANK TOP, that is available in white colour also.

Our bulk discounts also help you to save more as you buy more. When you purchase more than 15 items, you can avail a 5% discount on the order cost. For orders over 26 items, avail an astounding 7.50% discount. For orders over 51 items, you can avail a whopping 10% discount on the total order value.

With Afterpay services, you can now purchase your favourite singlets from Tshirt Wholesalers without paying a single cent at the time of purchase. As you opt for Afterpay at the checkout page of our site, your order amount will be paid by Afterpay on your behalf. The order amount can be repaid by you in 4 equal fortnightly payments, that comes free of interest.

Purchase the best quality Gents Singlets from Tshirt Wholesalers at the best price in the industry today itself. Visit our online store now.

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