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Singlets are loose-fitting tops, sleeveless athletic jerseys, that are usually worn by joggers, runners or anyone else who partakes in an active lifestyle. The best feature about singlets is that they are functional garments and can be worn by all categories of people. Singlets would also cater to a variety of uses too.

Singlets are designed mainly for an active lifestyle, though there are casual uses of this garment too. Thus, singlets are entrusted with the responsibility to perform high. As the wearers engage or partake in an active lifestyle, singlets should keep the wearers cool and comfortable, and most importantly, it should never stick to the body.

To meet all these conditions,it was necessary that singlets possess some innovative features like quick dry, excellent moisture wicking properties and others. It was by checking these features that a high performing singlet was singled out.

With high performing singlets a need of the time, many Australian brands started to incorporate these features into their garments and began manufacturing high quality singlets. With women too starting to engage in an active lifestyle led to the need for ladies singlets, and these brands were quick to answer those needs too. By catering to the various needs of the women and helping them feel comfortable when wearing them, these singlets grew much in popularity among the women athletes.

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At Tshirt Wholesalers, you can find a collection of Ladies Singlets from two of the major brands in Australia. The brands that we provide are AS Colour and Gildan. From AS Colour, you can purchase the AS Colour Tank Tee, and from Gildan you can purchase the Gildan Softstyle Ladies Tank Top. Products from the top brands in Australia helps us to assure you that every product you purchase from us is of the best quality.

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