Gildan Youth Ultra Cotton Tees for Kids

If there is a brand that is engaged in making apparels better then it would be Gildan. Though born as a small business in Canada, this brand has gone on to become one of the most respected and sought after brands around the whole world. And what has made it much popular?

The first factor is that Gildan brand is all about bringing out the best products that cater to a wide variety of needs. This varied collection of products have helped it be the go-to brand for the young and the aged alike and for all the genders. These products would also be designed to provide the best comfort to the wearers.

Quality is what you can find in each product of Gildan. This is achieved through the use of high tech fabrics that are used to design each product. High tech fabrics laden with the latest innovative technology and the latest cutting edge styles and designs make sure that the products they provide are an amalgamation of the classical and the contemporary styles.

Their aim to provide the best quality and grow constantly is evident from their acquiring of many manufacturing houses. This consistent desire to improve has seen them bring out products that complied to all safety standards. Their use of the best cotton fabrics has helped them to provide outstanding quality to each of their customers.

Gildan is the first brand to have the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification that states that the garments from this brand are safe to be worn against the body and doesn’t contain any harmful elements. With this certification, you can be sure of staying safe at all times. And when it comes to kidswear, this becomes one of the most important features.

Kidswear is one category of products Gildan brand proudly boasts of. With kids being one of the most hyperactive of all people, the products designed for them must be able to showcase outstanding quality and durability. Moreover, they must also provide them with comfort at all times so that they can easily engage in all their activities.

Among the many products that this brand has developed for kids, one that stands out is tees. Tees are one of the most popular garments and the most worn clothing all around the world. Tees are worn by all categories of people.

The greatest quality of tees is that they are functional and can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Be it for casual purposes or as semi-formal wear, or to wear it while engaged in physical activities, you can have the best feel and comfort with this garment.

The best kids tees that are manufactured by Gildan are GILDAN YOUTH ULTRA COTTON T/S 205GM (2000B) and the GILDAN YOUTH ULTRA COTTON L/S LONG SLEEVE T/S -(2400B).

The GILDAN YOUTH ULTRA COTTON T/S 205GM (2000B) is made of 100% Cotton preshrunk fabric that provides the best comfort. It is woven in a jersey knit style and weighs 203 gsm. The taped neck and shoulders sported by the t-shirt is designed to provide you with the best comfort. The double needle sleeves and bottom hems are designed to provide the best durability so as to cater to any needs.

To eliminate centre crease, the t-shirt is quarter-turned. The seamless double needle collar can help kids to have maximum comfort. This t-shirt comes in 27 colours which also includes white. The white fabric weighs less than the colour fabric at 193 gsm. The sizes available ranges from YXS-YXL.

The GILDAN YOUTH ULTRA COTTON L/S LONG SLEEVE T/S - (2400B) is made of a 100% cotton fabric with a weight of 203 gsm. This tee has a lesser weight variant in White colour which weighs 193 gsm. The fabric is preshrunk so as to minimize shrinkage while use. In short, this is one of the most comfortable and functional of all kids tees.

The double needle bottom hem of the t-shirt helps it to stay durable and outdo all the stresses of everyday life. To eliminate centre crease, the fabric is quarter-turned. The double needle 1.9 cm collar helps in delivering the best comfort to the hyperactive kids. The taped neck and shoulders would ensure greater strength and durability. The rib cuffs on the sleeve of the tee ensure the best fit. This tee is available in 4 colours and in sizes that range from YS-YXL.

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