T-shirts are durable, classic, and versatile garments with mass appeal.

A very staple closet item, present in almost every age group alike. From colors to designs, t-shirts have come a long way today.

The process

The life of a T-Shirt begins in cotton fields. These 100% cotton raw materials can be found in polyester or a polyester-cotton blend as final products. Fabric uses vary depending on the designers choice of material and budget

Choice of fabric…

Fabric uses vary depending on the choice of material, the pattern and the budget involved in making the t-shirt. Designers choose from stretchable knit fabrics or jersey options, which is comparatively inexpensive and great for screen printing and heat applications.

Before a T-shirt is stocked by your favourite retailer, it goes through several processes of quality check, inspection processes.

Here a list of processes the making of a t-shirt undergoes before we stock it at T-SHIRT WHOLESALERS for you.

Starts from the fields and heads towards the Gin

The cotton balls are put into a gin where the usable cotton is mechanically separated from the seeds and chaff. Today’s technology has helped us with higher productivity and less labour intensive work than previous methods used back in the time.

Next up, from Spinner to Loom

Cotton ball fibres are spun at a facility where they are carded, combed and blended. Before the carding stage, which involves separating the fibres into loose strands, the cotton is taken off a picking machine. The spun cotton is then knit on a loom into a rough greyish fabric.

Wet processing of the cotton

The fabric is treated with heat and chemicals where it takes on its final touch and appearance. Printing, and dyeing are the main processes involved here.

At this stage, the fabric goes through inspection for grey textile. Fabrics are “finished” to the desired softness and colouring in this stage.

Cut and Sew stage

Here the desired design is cut and shaped, which further goes into stitching before making it completely ready for further processes.

Transforming into a Perfect Print

Screen-printing designs are finalized at this stage, if there are any. From pantone colors, sizing, placement, and ink type are all confirmed. Each color in the artwork is separated and printed onto clear film

The screen printing process

The final design print is done after confirming numerous process. The design is mass printed on the t-shirt material. The screens are registered into place on an automatic screen press that can print multiple copies simultaneously.

The final process

Post this, these are stacked onto our warehouses where they are shipped to customers as per the requirements.


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