Express yourself by adding embroidery to your tees. With the creative t-shirt embroidery option, you can turn your wardrobe into a canvas for self-expression. Enhance your look by giving your best item of clothing a personalized touch to make it a one-of-a-kind item that expresses your personality.

Discover the world of personalization with T-SHIRT WHOLESALERS’ easy-to-use platform. Pick from various premium t-shirts in different hues and designs, then let your imagination run wild choosing the ideal embroidery design.

With the T-SHIRT WHOLESALERS embroidery option, you can use your initials, a special quote, or a sentimental symbol to express yourself through your clothes. The smooth process guarantees that your customized t-shirt accurately captures your style. These tees are made with premium, comfortable, and long-lasting materials, guaranteeing that your custom creation will stand the test of time.

The procedure is straightforward but effective. Select from a selection of high-quality t-shirts in different hues and designs, then add elaborate and striking embroidery to make it uniquely yours. You can wear your story on your sleeve with the T-SHIRT WHOLESALERS embroidery option as this elevates the art of self-expression to new levels with customizable embroidery to add a special and individual touch and make your tee look unique and special.

Look at the various styles and options available from our online platform T-SHIRT WHOLESALERS.





Features of the Product:

  • Adding names on the left or right chest of garments. 
  • Pricing works on the number of garments that need to be personalized with the name. 
  • The size of the name embroidery will be 1cm high or a maximum of 5000 stitches. 
  • Name Embroideries Upto 5000 stitches

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Features of the Product:

  • For adding logos on the back for sizes of up to 24cm to a maximum of 15000 stitches. 
  • Pricing works on the number of garments that need to be embroidered. 
  • Back Logos- Upto 24cm or 15000 stitches
  • No setup cost and the logo will be with us, if you would like the source files, we will charge $44.00 and give them to you anytime.

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Choosing to add embroidery from the T-SHIRT WHOLESALERS store to your tee not only updates your outfit but also sends a strong message about your identity. With these personalized tees, seize the chance to stand out, express your individuality, and reinvent your look. Beyond just clothes, it's a platform for your unique style.

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