Your t-shirts have a sophisticated, professional touch from the embroidery. Embroidery gives a tactile and elegant touch to designs by creating a raised, textured design, unlike screen printing which can feel flat at times. Because of this, embroidered t-shirts are ideal for team uniforms, business wear, or high-end items.

We at T-SHIRT WHOLESALERS know that you should be able to differentiate your brand. For this reason, we provide premium embroidery services to add personality to your blank t-shirts and make distinctive clothes that appeal to your clientele.

You can realize your vision with the help of our embroidery services. From straightforward text and logos to complex designs and intricate artwork, our knowledgeable embroidery experts are capable of handling it all. Add a motivational saying, a mascot, your company logo, or even a custom design for a particular occasion to make your t-shirts uniquely yours.

Do you require a lot of embroidered t-shirts? Not a problem! For your team, club, or event, T-SHIRT WHOLESALERS provides economical bulk savings as well as blank t-shirts and embroidery services, allowing you to establish a unified brand image.

To guarantee that your patterns are embroidered with accuracy and sturdiness, we only utilize the best embroidery machines and quality threads. Your embroidered tees will continue to appear polished and professional for many years to come because of our dedication to quality.

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Features of the Product:

Please choose this option for adding logos on the back for a size of up to 24cm to a maximum of 15000 stitches.  

Pricing works on the number of garments that need to be embroidered.

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From styles ranging from business, casual, and business casuals we have it all to cater to and for our customers to choose from.

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