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Tshirt Wholesalers is Australia’s new favourite destination for purchasing high quality blank apparel, and to customise your favourite products with your own design.

Among the products that we provide, you can find that we have a good collection of Gents Tees, Ladies Tees, Gents Polos, Ladies Polos, Gents Singlets, Ladies Singlets, Mens Hoodies, Womens Hoodies, Unisex Tees, Unisex Singlets, Unisex Hoodies, Kids Tees and Kids Hoodies. These products that we list come from some of the major and well renowned clothing brands of the world. At Tshirt Wholesalers, we make sure that you receive high quality materials which would suit the high quality services that we provide, at a fair price.

The brands that we provide at Tshirt Wholesalers are Anvil, AS Colour and Gildan. Now, let us look in detail what these brands are all about.


  • Anvil
  • Anvil is a brand that has been a major player in the clothing industry for over a 100 years, manufacturing products that contours to you. With a styling that reflects and expresses modernity and modern lifestyle, Anvil garments are designed to suit and accentuate your personality. With a wide range of blank clothing, Anvil provides an opportunity where each individual can honour his creativity and showcase his personality and style. Anvil is all about celebrating the unique nature of its consumers and providing a range of clothing that is designed to fit and wear with ease.


  • AS Colour
  • Well, here is a brand that is specialized in providing blank tees that have created quite a sensation among the Australian younger generation. What AS Colour provides is a range of high quality products that are novel to the Australian market. What describes AS Colour is the word ‘blank’. Their products come with no decorations or marking, and what better place would you need to showcase your creativity to the public. AS Colour products are created from high-quality combed cotton, coupled with fashion forward designs and innovative fabrics. This has made the popularity of this brand to be on the rise. AS Colour believes in delivering high quality and keeping everything simple, so as to provide you with a great stage to customise AS Colour tees with your designs.


  • Gildan
  • Gildan is a brand reputed in bringing out a range of casual wear high in quality, and providing the best comfort, style and fit. By offering a wide colour palette, Gildan ensures that the colour enthusiasts have products that cater to their specific taste, be it vibrant, trendy or stylish. Gildan’s focus is mainly placed on manufacturing basic blank apparel that provides you an opportunity to customise and personalise. With a global manufacturer like Gildan, you can be sure about the styling and functionality of the apparel and the quality and comfort they provide you.

    With a wide range of products hailing from several famous brand names, Tshirt Wholesalers is undoubtedly the best online destination for having your blank apparel purchase and t-shirt customisation needs met.

    For customisation needs, we provide services such as Embroidery, Screen Print and Direct to Garment. Our USP is that we offer the best services at wholesale price, which helps you to have your designs printed and also save more on our service. Visit Tshirt Wholesalers to avail our services.

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