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Shirts have a long history and we can see it being used even in the B.C’s. Though it highly differed in shape and styling then, the application was almost the same - for comfort and protection of the wearer. Now it is one of the most popular garments used around the world.

One major difference between the shirts of the earlier days and the present times was that earlier it was worn as an undergarment. In the earlier days, it was not acceptable to show the shirt outside. The shirts then were plain and undyed and it was only visible, or worn outside, by humble characters such as shepherds and prisoners.

In earlier times, only men could wear shirts, and that too, as mentioned before, as an underwear. It was so until the 20th century. But slowly they began to be accepted as formal outerwear that provided a distinctive styling to the wearer.

The modern shirts are designed to provide comfort to the wearer and also help them to carry out their daily functions easily. They are made to make the life of the wearer easy, and the major categories that they come in now are - formal and casual. Formal shirts are designed with the purpose to add to the confidence of the wearer and provide him with an air of authority, while casual shirts are created for easy settings, playful mood, relaxation and such.

The present times have also witnessed ladies opting for shirts as a principal garment. The entry of women into the corporate world has led to the need and popularity of shirts among women. Shirts designed specifically for women plays an important function in making their daily tasks easy and lend them a sense of authority and power.

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