AS Colour Singlets at T shirt Wholesalers

To get the simplest products, yet that are highly functional and durable, AS Colour is the brand to turn to. Driven by three key principles such as “Quality is Key. Respect the Details. Keep it Simple”, this brand is all about manufacturing premium apparel that stands the test of time.

AS Colour is a brand that doesn’t rush into manufacturing products. They believe in taking their time in manufacturing garments so that only the best is produced. Launched with the plan to purchase the best basic apparels in the world, the determination and spirit of AS Colour were instrumental in helping them achieve this goal.

Each of the products from AS Colour is designed in the way that people like to wear. They are designed to fit and wear with ease. The tees, singlets and other products that AS Colour manufactures are made from high-quality combed cotton and fashion-forward cuts. This brand is always on the hunt for new ideas and ways to improve their range and thereby becoming a fashion icon, not only in Australia but all over the world.

AS Colour has a great range of products and among them feature some good quality singlets designed for the best performance. Singlets, known around the world in a variety of names, are functional garments that can easily serve as casual wear and active-wear. Though simple and plain in design, singlets are crafted to be strong and tough and cater to all the needs of the wearer.

Singlets are sleeveless garments often worn as an undergarment but which also is accepted as a public casual dress. The neck hole and armholes of this simple garment would be reinforced so as to showcase durability. The neckline can reach down as far as the bottom of the chest. This is widely accepted by both genders and the style and fit of singlets would differ according to gender.

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