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We all look for quality apparel and would buy those products that promise great quality. But it would only be later that we realize that for them quality was just a promise but not a reality. The cycle goes on and on, till we find the perfect one.

The lack of good quality in products at that time is what led to the birth of AS Colour as a manufacturer. AS Colour began as a distributor of t-shirts from some America brands. But soon they realized that the products they provide the people with didn’t suit some sizes and the quality wasn’t what they envisioned. It led to the birth of AS Colour, one of Australia’s most favorite brands.

AS Colour is now all about designing and manufacturing quality basics. This brand believes in taking its time when it comes to manufacturing each of their products. AS Colour only designs and produces premium quality apparel that is the best in quality and stands the test of time. While designing each product, they are guided by 3 principles which are “Quality is Key”, “Respect the Details” and “Keep it Simple”.

From this brand, you can find a great range of quality products that are simple in style but high in quality. Among these products, you can find a good collection of shirts. Shirts have a long history and we can see it being used even in the B.C’s. Now it is one of the most popular garments used around the world, providing comfort and protection of the wearer

One major difference between the shirts of the earlier days and the present times was that earlier it was worn as an undergarment. In the earlier days, it was not acceptable to show the shirt outside. It was so until the 20th century. But slowly they began to be accepted as formal outerwear that provided a distinctive styling to the wearer.

The modern shirts are designed to help the wearer carry out their daily functions easily, while providing maximum comfort. The major categories that they come in now are - formal and casual. Formal shirts are designed with the purpose to add to the confidence of the wearer and provide him with an air of authority, while casual shirts are created for easy settings, playful mood, relaxation and such.

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