Nowadays, choosing clothing for oneself is already a hard task, and after you’ve finally landed on one, you still have to decide on a fabric. Instead of simply picking the cheapest option to save some bucks, which may also be the roughest option, today we shall get you up to speed on everything you need to know about choosing the right fabric for your t-shirts or even custom t-shirts.

Without elaborating on anything further, let’s get straight to it. Today we are going to break down the options and tell you everything you need to know before you make a decision on your t-shirt fabrics and how to choose the best material.

100% cotton

People choosing cotton t-shirts have a lot of factors going on in their head for this. These t-shirts being the most economic option and on top of that they show colours off really, really well. Any particular colour ain’t going to pop-on any other fabric the way they will on an 100% cotton t-shirt.

Polyester and cotton blends

Arriving next, just a little softer than 100% cotton t-shirts are poly cotton blends. A polyester material t-shirt is produced through a chemical process, so you won’t find much polyester growing outside — at least not the type that will be woven into your t-shirt. Polyester material is often more heat-resistant, water-resistant and also wrinkle-and tear-resistant than 100% cotton t-shirts. These t-shirts allow a little more stretch to the topwear, which feels pretty nice.

Tri-blend fabric

Like the name says it all, tri-blends are a blend of three materials: cotton, polyester, and rayon.

Rayon is the real magic maker here. Again, like polyester, rayon is a manufactured material, but it’s not considered synthetic because it’s made with an organic material, wood pulp. Through it possessing different manufacturing techniques, rayon can feel like silk, wool, linen, or cotton.

These materials are highly comfortable!

There are tons of alternate t-shirt material options as well, but these are the majorly chosen materials for most t-shirt making and custom printing t-shirt designs.

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